About us


About us

Qualified networks offers high-quality, refurbished network equipment to companies and organisations. Our services are specialised in selling first-rate network equipment, as well as configuring and optimising network infrastructures.

We stand for great service, offering the best products including a lifelong guarantee. Interested in knowing more? Contact us any time. We would love to help you find solutions.

Expert advice and speedy delivery:

24-hour service

Our Cisco specialists are at your disposal to provide expert advice about our range of products. They can also design the right configuration to fit your needs.

Qualified Networks possesses the knowledge and expertise to set up an efficient network infrastructure which suits your specific needs. Our service specialises in fast delivery and a delivery where we actively help you find the right solution. The time between requesting a proposition, and the delivery of the products, mostly consists of just 24 hours. In this way, we manage to deliver top-notch quality in an incredibly fast way; Qualified Networks stands for great service!


High quality and durable

Qualified Networks sells refurbished equipment. That means we reuse equipment. Before we sell equipment, we thoroughly test it at every aspect. Only when products meet our high standards do we deliver the relevant equipment to our customers. We believe in the quality of our products, and therefore offer you a lifetime warranty.

Refurbished equipment contributes to a circular economy, and thus a more sustainable world. In the relatively short existence of Qualified Networks, we have already reused a great many products. This to the satisfaction of our customers, but also their children and grandchildren who, partly because of our way of working, can live in a cleaner world.

We grow

(with you)

When your company grows, it is obviously important that your network infrastructure grows with you. Our specialists are ready to help you. We think along with you about adjusting and optimising your systems within your ever-changing organisation.

Qualified Networks is becoming the largest network equipment supplier in the Netherlands, our services are reaching more and more companies. The satisfaction of our customers ensures that we can experience constant growth and provide more companies with a good IT infrastructure.

Qualified Networks

stands for:

  • Quick and high quality service
  • One point of contact
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Actively think along with customers
  • Expert and professional staff
  • Fast and good service
  • Incredibly fast delivery (mostly 24 hours)
  • The best quality in the Netherlands
  • The best guarantee from the Netherlands
  • Competitive prices, with discounts up to 95%
  • Long-term collaborations with our customers

Contact us

Contact us without being tied to anything. Are you looking for a network professional who actively thinks with you and delivers quickly? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to think further about optimising your processes. Are you looking for loose network products? Then have a look at this page. We deliver our products within 24 hours.