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Secure your network with Cisco Security equipment

Your companies network forms the heart of your company. So it makes sense that you want the processes that take place within your network to be secure and fast. To eliminate threats that come from outside it is smart to take the proper security measures. Qualified Networks supplies different types of Cisco Security products that help you to protect your network from attacks from the outside.

Multipurpose firewalls: addaptive security appliance

Adaptive Security Appliance(ASA) is a multipurpose firewall van Cisco. an ASA ensures that traffic from outside the network gets a control check. This is how your network gets secured.

An ASA has many functionalities. One of these functionalities is packet filtering. Trough packet filtering exceptions can be made when it comes to traffic that comes from outside, some may get access to (for example) a webserver. ASA also has options to: Stateful Inspection, ACL’s, SSL, VPN and intrusion prevention.

PIX firewalls from Cisco

Qualified networks supplies different types of Cisco PIX Firewalls. The PIX Firewalls are not being produced anymore but are still available through refurbished products. These high quality firewalls will protect your network and are available in the following categories: PIX 500, PIX 515, PIX 520 and PIX 535.

Refurbished Cisco firewalls you order online at Qualified Networks

Securing your business network effectively you do with refurbished Cisco firewalls. Qualified Networks supplies different PIX firewalls and ASA products. Our products are always of high quality and are delivered with a lifetime warranty. Qualified Networks stands for speed, quality and sharp prizes. Want to know more about our services? You are welcome to contact us without any obligations or just take a look at our services page.

This is why you buy network equipment at Qualified Networks:

  • Refurbished network equipment with a lifetime warranty
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  • High discounts: our refurbished products are delivered with the highest possible discounts
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