Cisco Switches

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Expand your wired network with a Cisco Switch

A switch offers the possibility to significantly expand your wired network. With a switch you can make multiple connections from one single wired connection. This is the way it is possible to connect multiple devices. Think of multiple desktop computers, laptops but also other devices such as printers and camera’s. In case of a big company network it is possible to connect switches to other switches and routers.

Refurbished Catalyst switches from Cisco

Qualified Networks supplies refurbished network equipment. For example, we supply refurbished Catalyst Switches. This Ether switch is available in different types.

Among others we deliver Office-switches, a couple of models we supply are from the series: Catalyst 2960. Next to that we also supply aggregation-switches. This type of switch is usually used to connect with other switches and routers. An example of an aggregation-switch from Cisco is the type Catalyst 4500.

Refurbished Metroseries and Nexus switches

Qualified Networks also supplies switches from the Cisco Metro series. This type can also be used by service providers in some cases. This specific type uses long distance fiber optic interfaces. We make our product range complete by also offering the Cisco Nexus series.

Choose a sharp prize and a lifetime warranty!

Choosing for refurbished network equipment is wise when you are looking for a high quality with an affordable prize. Our refurbished switches will be delivered as fast as possible and come with a lifetime warranty.

Our specialist are ready for you, to answer any questions you may have and process your order in a professional way. Most of our products will be delivered within 24 hours. This makes it possible for you to get to work as soon as possible with your network equipment.

Reasons to buy your network equipment at Qualified Networks:

  • The best quality and the best guarantee in the entire Netherlands
  • A long term collaboration, most of our customers come back for our fast service and high quality products
  • Expertise: our employees are experts when it comes to network equipment. We are able to answer any particular question with the correct answer
  • A Fast delivery. Most of our product range can be delivered within 24 hours