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Calling over your network with Voice over IP

With calling over IP you are choosing for calling with more possibilities. Qualified networks supplies different types of refurbished Cisco VoIP systems. These systems offer all kinds of functionalities such as call routing, A contact center, voicemails and more. Calling trough VoIP is ideal within your company, where communication between your employees, partners and clients is an essential part of your companies proces.

Cisco Refurbished VoIP devices

Qualified Networks offers different types of refurbished Voice over IP devices. For companies that are looking for a simple model we offer the Cisco 6900 series. When you are looking for a model that would offer you more functionalities we would advice the Cisco 7900 Series. These 7900 series offer a wide range of functions. With this refurbished model you have the possibility to call on a wireless connection. This extended device has many functions, amongst them there is the option to show the content of the web, the stock market courses and maps.

Refurbished Cisco Analog Telephone Adapter

Qualified networks supplies refurbished Analog Telephone Adapters(AT). With analog phone adapters you have the option to switch analog devices into IP- devices. For example your telephones but also your fax machines.

This is why you order your refurbished Cisco VoIP equipment at Qualified Networks

Your refurbished VoIP devices are advantageous to buy at Qualified networks. Our products are delivered with the highest possible discounts and a lifetime warranty. Buying refurbished means you are helping to recycle equipment which in turn is helping the environment.

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  • Long term collaboration: There are a lot of customers that have a long term collaboration with us. Businesses choose quality, a fast service and sharp prizes!
  • Expertise: Our employees are experts on the field of refurbished network equipment.
  • a Lifetime warranty on your equipment
  • One point of contact: At qualified networks you have One point of contact which makes communication both easy and clear.
  • a Fast adaptability: We are able to think on our feet and deliver most products within a 24 hour period.