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Cisco Wifi: a fast and reliable wireless network

Within your business environment it is a primary condition to a have fast and reliable wireless connection to the internet. To make sure that you are can use a good wireless network it is of importance that u use reliable and decent equipment. Qualified Networks supplies a high quality standard refurbished network equipment of the brand Cisco. We supply Cisco Acces Points and Cisco Wireless Lan Controllers.

Refurbished Cisco Aironet

Cisco Aironet from Cisco Systems is the name of various types of acces points. Qualified Networks supplies different types of these refurbished Aironet acces points. We supply a number of different types from the Aironet ANT Category and Aironet PWR category. We also supply the Aironet AP category en the lightweight version of the AP: Aironet LAP. All Cisco Aironet accesspoints are refurbished. These accespoints meet our high standards so that you will get a high quality delivery which we can guarantee.

Gaining control over your access points: refurbished Wireless LAN Controllers

With a wireless LAN controller you get control over the various access points within your entire network. Without a wireless LAN controller all your access points will be working separately from each other. A controller enables you to gain control and coordinate between your access points. Qualified Networks delivers refurbished Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and in most cases they can be delivered within 24 hours with a lifetime warranty.

Refurbished Cisco WiFi

Qualified Networks supplies refurbished Cisco Wifi equipment. With this equipment it is possible to decorate your business network in a cost efficient and reliable way. You can order your products on our website with ease. If you have any questions about our services or products, than please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

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There are a lot of companies that buy their refurbished network equipment through Qualified Networks. Our services are well known for their speed, reliability and our sharp prizes.

This is why companies decide to buy at Qualified Networks:

  • The best prices in the Netherlands, Discounts up to 95%
  • Fast Service; Products are delivered within 24 hours most of the time!
  • A great client service, we think actively along with our clients.
  • A lifetime warranty: on our refurbished Cisco products you recieve a lifetime warranty.