Many hospitals, school communities and for example banks own outdated IT equipment that is still very valuable unnoticed. At Qualified Networks we buy this hardware. In fact, we relieve organizations by making it as easy as possible for them. We did this for a hospital that had collected a large amount of old equipment in boxes and bins.

We didn't really know what to do with it

”We were approached by a hospital where much of the network equipment, servers and storage equipment had recently been replaced. “We had disconnected the old equipment and placed it in an empty room. It involved pallets full of boxes, some of which we didn’t even know what was inside. We actually assumed that it would have some value only as ‘old iron’.”

This concerned equipment that was on average 4 years old, for which new equipment had been purchased in the meantime. The equipment had been disconnected and stored, but nothing else had been done with it.

Inventory and prepare for transport

The hospital asked us about the best way to handle this. We explained how we buy up hardware. It starts with an inventory of what exactly is involved, if that is not already (completely) clear. Then we prepare the hardware for transport. We pick it up, bring it to our warehouse. There we can test and grade the hardware and make the highest possible offer.

“Van een deel van de hardware hadden we vastgesteld wat het precies was. We vonden het heel fijn dat Qualified Networks de rest voor ons heeft geïnventariseerd. Daarna heeft een team alles bij ons op locatie klaargemaakt voor veilig transport. Ze hebben de apparatuur bij ons opgehaald en naar hun magazijn gebracht. Dat we hier zelf geen omkijken naar hadden was voor ons een heel welkome verrassing.”

Completely unburdened and with a nice yield

“We are doubly pleased with the approach by Qualified Networks. They made it extremely easy for us and we received a wonderful amount for all the equipment that was left over as far as we were concerned.”

When the hospital approved us for the job, we made a phone appointment. Our team went to work on site to prepare all the equipment for safe transport. We placed it neatly on pallets, tied it securely and transferred it to our warehouse. There we did the further inventory, on top of what was already clear for the hospital itself.
After testing and grading all the equipment, we made the best bid. It constitutes valuable material for us to offer refurbished to other companies and institutions. Conversely, we were able to relieve the hospital of all their worries, with a nice return as a result.

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