Increase your IT budget


Companies often have a large amount of old networking equipment that is no longer in use. These switches, routers and other equipment are no longer acknowledged, or the equipment is thrown out. Instead of throwing it away, it’s possible to sell the equipment.

Qualified Networks buys old equipment from companies and refurbishes it, in order to give it new life. We can often offer you a nice price for your old network equipment. This increases your IT budget, whilst eliminating all old and unused equipment.

Value determination

by Qualified Networks

Are you curious about what your old network equipment is worth? Qualified Networks would like to map this out, completely free of charge and without obligation. We can determine the value of your material in two ways:

Value determination at a distance

We can easily estimate the value of your network equipment remotely. On this page you can send us a list with product codes and numbers. We will then send you an e-mail with an amount at which we can take the equipment off your hands.

In person valuation

 It is also possible to have an expert of Qualified Networks come by in person. Our expert will document all the equipment you want to sell, then a purchase order is created indicating a which price we can take over your equipment. You can then decide if you would like to sell the material to us.

Contribute to

a better world

When we purchase your old network equipment, you contribute to a better world. Your equipment is not thrown out; it is granted a second life. Another entrepreneur can use it for years to come. In this way, you contribute to the movement of product reuse.