Our services

Supplier of high-quality refurbished network equipment

Qualified Networks provides high-quality refurbished network equipment. Our network equipment meets the highest standards, and is able to deliver at great speed. Once you order network equipment on our website, it will most of the time be delivered within 24 hours depending on the order. You also receive the highest possible discounts and a lifetime warranty on our Cisco equipment.

Purchase and disposal

of old network equipment

If your company has old network equipment that is no longer in use, you can have it purchased by Qualified Networks which will increase your IT budget. We also ensure that your old material is refurbished and offered to other entrepreneurs, hereby contributing to the reuse of material. We can make an estimate of the value of your equipment remotely. Alternatively, we can have an expert come in person to document your material and give you a purchase offer.

Network design

Not sure what the right configuration is for your equipment? Do you need a professional who designs, configures and tests your network infrastructure? Qualified Networks is happy to advise you on the right configurations for your current and future projects. As a partner we like to engage in an active discussion with you, so that your IT infrastructure is set up just the right way.

Data removal

If you replace your equipment, sensitive data will often remain on it. To prevent any problems, it is important to delete this data. This way you can be sure that your company-sensitive information will not be seen by anyone outside your company. Qualified Networks has the knowledge and appropriate software to remove all data from your old devices. The data is deleted from both your hard disk and flash disk. It is possible to have the equipment picked up by us in order to carry out the data removal.

Advice and support

Qualified Networks is an expert in the field of sales, purchasing and design of network equipment. We can help you with a general question about your IT equipment, but also with very specialised advice. Our professionals are ready to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your IT network. We work with the highest discounts, the fastest service and the highest quality products. Feel free to contact us for more information.