It is important to handle company-sensitive information with care. For example, when you switch to new computers or when you want to empty a laptop and pass it on to another employee. In these cases, you can have the data wiped or the data destroyed. Qualified Networks can help you with this.

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What is data wiping?

Data wiping is the safe and permanent removal of your business sensitive information from hard drives, laptops, computers and other equipment that may contain data. Data erasure is performed with special equipment that ensures that all your data is permanently and securely erased. Your hard drive will continue to be intact and you will prevent the possible leakage of data.

Qualified Networks uses YouWipe and others to easily erase the hard drive. After your data is deleted, you will receive a tamper-proof certificate of deletion with a detailed audit trail to meet internal or external audit requirements.


Data wiping vs. formatting

Formatting a hard drive or other equipment is less effective than data wiping. With formatting, the information that has been “erased” remains on the hard drive. This information is no longer visible to you, however, the data is still present and can be restored.

With data wiping, the data is actually deleted, it is not present after this and cannot be restored. This makes data wiping more effective than formatting the hard drive.


Advantages data wiping

  • Data wiping allows you to safely give your equipment a second life.
  • Data wiping responds to Article 17 of the GDPR which requires you to be able to delete data from computers and hard drives.
  • Data is really deleted with data wiping as opposed to hard drive formatting.
  • With our certificate, you can prove that the data wiping has been completed successfully, according to strict professional standards.

Roadmap data wiping or data destruction

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Together we will schedule an appointment for us to pick up the equipment at your place. We do not perform data wiping on site.

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Data wiping of destruction

We will work with your equipment to completely erase or destroy it.


Data destruction

At Qualified Networks, our preference in most cases is to delete data. This is because in this way the hardware remains intact and can be reused by other organizations. If you would still prefer your hard drive to be completely destroyed then of course we offer you that option as well. We do the destruction of the hard disk with a degausser (DEG-20CL). The hard disk is a magnetic object. The degausser demagnetizes the hard drive by creating a magnetic field to which the hard drive is exposed. The data on the hard drive is thus destroyed. Thus, degaussing is not effective for flash memories because they are not magnetic data carriers.

Because we at Qualified Networks have a lot of knowledge about the degausser you can always be sure that all your data is really destroyed. Thus, we not only ensure that the magnetic field is strong enough, but also that the hard disk is sufficiently exposed to it. After this, the hard drive is completely destroyed and can no longer be used.


Degausser vs. physical destruction

Physical destruction of the hard drive can be done by crushing it with a shredder, bending it with a crusher, or piercing it with a puncher. In all three of these methods, the hard drive becomes damaged. However, the magnetic signal on the platters (the physical disks of the hard drive) remains. With the right equipment, the information can be read out. The hard drive may be physically broken, but the information can still be read out.

With the degausser, the magnetic fields of the hard drive are broken, which makes it impossible to read the information. This makes the degausser more effective than physical destruction. Demagnetization is the only guaranteed form of safe hard drive destruction.


Why choose Qualified Networks?

At Qualified Networks, the security of your data is paramount. By working with certified partners such as YouWipe and using the degausser, we can guarantee with 100% certainty that the data deleted cannot be recovered. You will always receive a tamper-proof certificate of the deleted or destroyed equipment. This way, you can trust us to erase or destroy all data from your equipment.

YouWipe is recognized and successfully certified to rigorous professional standards by government and independent security organizations such as NATO, the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Common Criteria (EAL +3), the Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service, the Finnish National Cybter Security Centre (TRAFICOM) and ADISA (UK Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance.

In addition, YouWipe complies with strict government regulations and industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI, DSS, SOx and the Data Protection Act.


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We normally throw away all old hardware and have our data carriers destroyed for a lot of money." And this while Qualified Networks can still give law firms thousands of dollars for their old IT equipment. In addition, all data carriers are certified erased giving a law firm a 100% guarantee that all data has been deleted according to the... Read more
Law firms
We use switches to ensure that their wired network can be extended to connect different equipment." Qualified Networks helped a large fruit merchant with refurbished switches. In addition to the favorable prices, the big fruit dealer was satisfied with the quality of our IT equipment and the lifetime warranty they received with it. All equipment was delivered within a week to all 27 branches of this big fruit... Read more
Large fruit merchants
We need transceivers / SFPs to send and receive data." Qualified Networks was able to arrange this for a hospital at a substantial discount. We have realized this within 2 days. Besides the fact that the transceivers / SFP's were delivered quickly, the hospital also saved tens of thousands of euro's. Thanks to this huge saving, they had the opportunity to purchase additional... Read more
We were looking for a few hundred Cisco routers that Cisco might not be able to deliver for another 9 months." Qualified Networks was called in to see if it could still be realized sooner. We succeeded! Within 1,5 week we were able to deliver everything to the different branches of this retailer. The customer was completely relieved and didn't experience any problems with delivery and the shortage many companies are currently dealing... Read more
A major international retailer
We used to hand in our old IT equipment to the vendor for a fee." Qualified Networks suggested that we bid along for once. And as it turned out, we bid more than 50% higher than the obtained trade-in value. We neatly worked everything out in a contract. We included the fact that data wiping is very important. The best part of this project was that we were able to return some nice laptops for children who don't have the budget for a... Read more
School community

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