At Qualified Networks, we ensure that your IT equipment is of high quality and sold that way. To do this, we test your equipment in different ways. Only when the equipment meets our high standards do we deliver the equipment. We believe in the quality of our products and for this reason offer you a lifetime warranty.

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The warranty of your IT equipment

Is the IT equipment not working properly? Thanks to our lifetime warranty, we ensure that your IT equipment is working properly again.

What products do we sell?

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Modules
  • VoIP
  • Wireless
  • Optical Transceivers
  • Security
  • Server & Storage components

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Qualified Networks is an expert in the sale of refurbished IT equipment. Companies often have a large amount of old IT equipment lying around that is not being used anymore. Think of switches, routers and other network equipment. Instead of getting rid of this equipment, you can sell this old equipment. To find out what your IT equipment is worth, we make an estimate of the possible proceeds from a distance. Another option is for one of our specialists to visit you on site. In this case, our specialist will document your IT equipment and create a purchase order based on that document.


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We normally throw away all old hardware and have our data carriers destroyed for a lot of money." And this while Qualified Networks can still give law firms thousands of dollars for their old IT equipment. In addition, all data carriers are certified erased giving a law firm a 100% guarantee that all data has been deleted according to the... Read more
Law firms
We use switches to ensure that their wired network can be extended to connect different equipment." Qualified Networks helped a large fruit merchant with refurbished switches. In addition to the favorable prices, the big fruit dealer was satisfied with the quality of our IT equipment and the lifetime warranty they received with it. All equipment was delivered within a week to all 27 branches of this big fruit... Read more
Large fruit merchants
We need transceivers / SFPs to send and receive data." Qualified Networks was able to arrange this for a hospital at a substantial discount. We have realized this within 2 days. Besides the fact that the transceivers / SFP's were delivered quickly, the hospital also saved tens of thousands of euro's. Thanks to this huge saving, they had the opportunity to purchase additional... Read more
We were looking for a few hundred Cisco routers that Cisco might not be able to deliver for another 9 months." Qualified Networks was called in to see if it could still be realized sooner. We succeeded! Within 1,5 week we were able to deliver everything to the different branches of this retailer. The customer was completely relieved and didn't experience any problems with delivery and the shortage many companies are currently dealing... Read more
A major international retailer
We used to hand in our old IT equipment to the vendor for a fee." Qualified Networks suggested that we bid along for once. And as it turned out, we bid more than 50% higher than the obtained trade-in value. We neatly worked everything out in a contract. We included the fact that data wiping is very important. The best part of this project was that we were able to return some nice laptops for children who don't have the budget for a... Read more
School community

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