Delivery time for Cisco and HP network equipment is rapidly increasing worldwide. Due to the chip shortage, organizations sometimes have to wait 6 to 12 months for new access points, transceivers and switches. We supplied a financial institution with all the equipment needed to upgrade its network systems to the latest security standards within 14 days.

The delivery date was postponed for the second time

“The financial institution approached us with a, unfortunately recognizable, request. The delivery date of their new Cisco network equipment had been postponed for the second time. A spokesperson says: “When we heard for the second time a week before the agreed delivery date that the equipment was not available, we started looking for an alternative. We had had enough. Our IT department has been working for more than a year on the plan to upgrade the network so we could improve security.”

The institution specifically asked about our delivery time. We explained how we deliver all requested (network) equipment within a few days to a maximum of two weeks as standard. In this case, it was 130 access points, 275 transceivers and 20 switches.

Worldwide network for refurbished and new

At Qualified Networks, we have a worldwide network of distributors for refurbished and new IT (network) equipment. In this case we were able to buy back the requested equipment from an end user. The company had planned a new location and had bought the equipment for it. Eventually the plans had to be cancelled. The IT equipment remained.

“Qualified Networks indicated to us that they could provide all the requested network equipment within a maximum of two weeks. We indicated that we were looking for completely new equipment with a warranty. That turned out to be no problem.”

We took over the equipment from the company that ultimately had no need for it. In doing so, we bypassed the regular delivery times. We thoroughly checked the Cisco network equipment to establish that it was new. This enabled us to offer the warranty that the financial institution requested. With us, Advanced Replacement is included as standard. In the event of a defect, we will send a new one, even before we have received the defective device to determine what is wrong.

A huge relief: security is back in order

The financial institution received all the required access points, transceivers and switches with urgency. We were able to deliver the total order within 14 days, as agreed.

“It was a huge relief for us that a solution turned out to be possible after all. We are very happy that we chose this alternative solution. The great speed with which Qualified Networks can deliver network equipment has helped us out completely.”

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